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“Berio”Berlin’s Gay Easy Going Cafe

Life is what you make it!!! thats my motto therefore going out and meeting others and experiencing Berlin in all its facets is what makes the city so special!!!!!!!
Saturday I did not know where to meet a friend and he suggested a Gay cafe in Schoeneberg at the Nollendorfplatz here you find on weekends the well beloved weekend Market (Winterfeldplatz Market) Winterfeldplatz Cordiba,However on this day I was off to a Cafe called Cafe Berio I must admit I had been there before but not in ages!!!!!as a fashionista I usually go to places that are relatively new or just fabulous.However we met here at this cafe and guess what ???? it was actually very nice the staff was friendly and the service relatively quick and since I can be a bitch about fast service I couldnot complain.

This cafe serves Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner so one can go at any time, however the best time is in the morning or in the afternoon for a cafe where my friends and I on that particular day gossiped about the boy candy walking by,fashion of course and my latest trip to NYC.I ordered a cafe latte with a strawberry cake which for the afternoon was quite appropriate the cake was good and cafe were good so between that and sitting outside at the outdoor cafe here, I was really able to enjoy a brief Saturday afternoon in is amazing the author and one of my heros (Christopher Isherwood) Isherwood Foundation lived just a stone throw away from here and if he were living today I am sure he would stop by and have a coffee and cake as well.Which I can recommend.The regular menu serves a variety of meals between salads ,pastas and soups you name it here you will get a hearty meal at a decent price.At this time I can only speak for the cafe,tea and a piece of desert I ate,however its a nice place to go and hang out with your friends both gay and straight and check out the Boys and Girls walking by at Cafe Berio!!!!!!!!!you may get lucky!!!!!!!

Love Sean

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