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Chill, Eat and Relax at Barcomi’s!!!!!!

One of my little favorite places for a scone or a bagel is a small Cafe on the Bergmannstrasse in Kreuzberg or inBerlin Mitte depending on where I am at the time called Barcomis.The owner Cynthia Barcomi I met a few years ago at that time she was telling me that she was going to develop a Bagel Business. I remember saying to her girl YES!!!!! and guess what a few years later Boom there she is with !!!!!!!Barcomis,Barcomi’s in Kreuzberg is an adorable Pastel Pink decorated cafe with an authentic industrial coffee grinding machine which gives the place it’s own flair.The bagels are of course baked daily and are good!!!really a Fashionistas delight!!!On this spring afternoon when the weather did not know whether it wanted to stay dry or rain on my parade.I decided to go on inside!!so with my Cafe and Blueberery muffin ,I was really in my element.I am a sucker for a muffin!!!!!The Muffins,are not the only thing she whips up here,there are cheesecakes and a killer carrot cake,and I just adore the scones .Meaning when I go here it’s for either the scones, bagels or muffins. As of recently I noticed cupcakes those ultra american standards from the 50’s Housewife!!!! Martha Stewart would be delighted i’m sure.

The atmosphere is a uniqueBerlin mix of bohemians from the neighborhood,easy going fashionistas and just regular folks wanting to relax and have a cafe in a comfortable environment.Barcomis is great because you have tons to look at here, whether sitting outside or inside this cafe you will definitely see a handful.With a relatively friendly staff remember Berlin ain’t the place for the best manners, however they are nice enough that you wont be angry that you spent your coins here!!!so after just enjoying a relaxing time at this location,I later went off to their other location to compare the two!!!Here I went for lunch with clients of mine from Maryland which was good at this location it is pretty crowded meaning you may have to wait for a table!!!! However the atmosphere in Mitte is different from the Berlin Kreuzberg location!!! how? well it’s located in a courtyard which is comforting and soothing, the Cafe atmosphere is a little more attitude but welcoming nevertheless !!!! it is a mix of tourists and the urbanbistas of the (Kiez) neighborhood !!!!!!This location is really optically very attractive and when possible by good weather the courtyard is a nice place to have a glass of wine and to relax ones self from a hectic day in this crazy city!!!!After I had the opportunity to just have a few minutes to myself ,I realized again this is one of my little sweet cafes in Berlin, where the atmosphere is cool and where one can go with her/his friends to shoot the breeze!!and with normal prices it’s a pretty good start to the day. Barcomis is a Berlin cafe to chill and be yourself!!!!!

Love Sean

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