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Ballerinas for Summer !!!Sexy and Savvy!!!!

It’s weird but I just returned from the colorful and fab!!!nation of India and I was Just amazed by all the colors and sounds I saw !!! I realized that all the ladies wore flats and just looked ravishing in their long skirts and sarongs and still had savvy and a very sensual aura without it being tacky, so I realized flats when worn correctly can have true sex appeal!!!! so therefore for spring and summer they are essential!!!! Finally I went around Berlin to see a few options and this is what I found ,of course from some of the obvious brands but then again when does not want to buy a pricy pair of Flats there are some great inexpensive options!!!! check out what places such as H M are doing!!! I discovered from the French Ballerina specialists Repetto some good options,!! as well as great looks from Burberry, as well as every girls Designer darling!!!! Marc Jacobs,and a feminine option from Chloe!!!! many designers are showing options for summer!!!! but what really had me were a pair of Leopard Print Ballerinas from Galeries Lafayette with a hot pink Piping talk about savvy and Feminine and I was told quite comfy!!!! so it does not always have to be a pump to give attitude and sex appeal!!!!it’s about the wearer giving off that aura!!!!!!

Love Sean

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