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Furla !!!Creates Totally Fun Candy Bags for Spring Summer!!!!

You know the spring is here and for many Girls women a New Handbag for the season is essential especially in Berlin where girls are often toned down in their clothing but they may have a fierce handbag!!! !!!
I just discovered these great Candy Bags from Furla why candy Bags?? Because they look so sweet!!! in Two color themes first the classic Red, White and Blue stripes polka dots these bags were quite fun!!! I think they are great for a very casual look !!!and are great when worn with a casual denim optic!!The Shapes are the Classic Shopper and the Bowling Bag optic !!!they are just fun and are great when one wants a handbag alternative for the spring season!!! these bags are fun and then you have a true gorgeous optic the “black white beige” bowling bag this alternative is a little modern the look is sleeker but with major attitude this was achieved through the metal studs!!!!when worn correctly this bag gives your look an edgy appeal !!!!

Love Sean

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