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Modern Classic Music at the Watergate!!!!!

is one of those clubs in Berlin where my tourists friends can go when they want to have a good time and maybe hook up with a guy or gal for the night!!! and still groove to some fab sounds!!!!.
Last night there was a classical modern music performance that really took my breath away cool classic sounds from Bach and Phillip Glass among others newly interpreted!!!!! this is the way to get new folks interested in Classical Music!!! and with this Bar Lounge where the quartette performed you really were able to immerse yourself in the music and with this urban and relaxed atmosphere!!!! I enjoyed my evening !!! I hope they will do more of this kind of performances at water-gate. I am all for partying but the cool relaxed evening really had me going and there were some cute guys and gals there so hey even on a relaxed night you may get lucky who knows!!!!I would say go and party here on the weekends but these other music performance just broadens this cool venue!!!!!!
P.S. I loved my waiter he was wearing suspenders loved the look!!!
I must say I loved the relaxed styling of the bar staff!!!!
What I loved a lot is the Terrace even by cold weather it can be pretty romantic

Love Sean

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