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“Pauly Saal”Dining for the demanding palette

Finally “Pauly Saal” I had been planning on going to this restaurant for some time .It’s one of those places that one should visit and I am never sure if it’s the hype or is the place is genuinely good.

Well I finally went to check it out located in a former Girls school the building was a school until the Nazis decided to close the school due to their idiotic ideological theories. Therefore I was amazed at what this group of people have done to this location.

I must say reservations are not always easy to get, so I showed up on time .

I had heard that the place can be a little uptight so I was cautious about bad manners = bad service.

So after I had arrived I was offered the chance to have a drink at the bar but I preferred sitting at my table. I was taken to my table, where I ordered a glass of Cremant Sparkling wine and waited for my buddy who finally came and with his beer served, we relaxed and even though the service was initially frosty,they became warmer as the evening progressed.We decided on our meals but during this time I had a chance to really look around .The atmosphere modern and cosmopolitan.What I adored were the comfy booths in green velvet where one can truly relax and lounge while dining, a booth is always a plus for me anytime.

Finally to dining I ordered as an appetizer two side orders which were a plate of fresh spinach and a plate of Chicory with bread crumbs. The dishes were both lightly seasoned but both dishes were executed with a fine finesse in the seasoning that they made an appropriate and simple but elegant appetizer when one is not sure of what to eat as a starter.

The evening was starting out to be enjoyable , the spinach divine and in its simplicity was well seasoned with a hint of garlic and lemon .The Chicory with breadcrumbs ,I thought just added a little pizazz to a very individual vegetable. My date had a green salad with blood oranges which was in a light dressing that was also a excellent it was good choice, the salad was crisp ,and the dressing light so that the salad was still light and not over dominated by the dressing .We decided on ordering a sea food platter ‘special for the evening”which included scallops,mussels,and trout which was placed on a bed of fresh spinach the dish was heavenly prepared sophisticated in taste and a true delight for a fan of seafood. The seasoning and preparation were both on the mark since all the various fish were exact and not overdone in the least.

We chose a Sancerre to accompany our meal which was recommended by the sommelier who really gave us a superb choice.After having dinner I decided to have desert French Toast with fresh ice cream and topped with chocolate flavored

chips and small pellets of chocolate one would think overwhelming? but no this dish even though not light was a delight the french toast itself was lightly seasoned with a hint of cinnamon and in combination with the ice cream and light sauce made for me an evening of total culinary delight.The evening was a success!!!! We were satisfied also with the service. Before leaving we listened to some music at the bar where the guest performer was singing some pretty intense blues and jazz .The lounge had a modern upscale jazz lounge atmosphere so I was blown away since the atmosphere was totally urban and still a little Noel Coward !!!!

“Pauly Saal” yeah it’s the real deal,it’s not cheap but it’s pretty impressive so go when you have something to celebrate and want to splurge or for that power business lunch.

P.S. We got a doggy bag and took the tasty bread home with us that’s how good the bread was,and don’t forget reservations are highly recommended.

Love Sean

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