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“Entrecote”Fine French dining in Berlin

There are french restaurants that one must visit in Berlin!!!and Entrecote is one of those Restaurants when you want good food and comfortable surroundings .When I heard that Madonna was a fan of the place I was not really impressed,

even though I am a fan of the former Material Girl,but then I thought it would be great to try the place out and bitch if it was bad.My friends who accompanied me swore by this place so then I thought OK! it cant be so bad since these guys are truly spoiled gourmet addicts.

We went into this classic slightly art deco,brasserie inspired restaurant and the atmosphere was not the usual design mecca you find in Berlin these days but a restaurant with nice warm wood ands a warm atmosphere.

We started with drinks at the bar!!!Sean of course with a glass of Cremant and my friends with Beer.

After having fun we were taken to our table where we started with oysters,and a crisp salad with goat cheese the dish was light andhad us off to a pleasant start.The oysters fresh and with the light lemon juice and pepper the evening was becoming one of those nice dining experiences one can have and this included a friendly and thank goodness attentive staff.

For my main course I decided on a Bass filet with potatoes and spinach, my date had a steak with french fries a good dish and the fries quite delicious.The steak was medium rare and prepared  to my friends delight our meals were   accompanied by a bottle of Sancerre so the wine was the appropriate accompaniment for the evening. The main course was good,the atmosphere warm and friendly and with a little French brasserie flair in Berlin.We were having such a good time that I decided to have fun that evening and ordered the classic crème brulee,good yes satisfied yes it was a delightful dining experience .Entrecot is for those looking for a little  French Cuisine in Berlin yes it’s worth the money you will be giving out but one must  spoil themselves.

Love Sean

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