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Low Key Fine Dining at E.T.A Hoffmann in Kreuzberg

E.T.A Hoffmann recalls the Composer Right ? Well here it most definitely has something to do with art ,culinary art to be exact.

This low key restaurant is a culinary pleasure.Located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district in a old magnificent building built in the end of the 19th Century.The restaurant I decided to visit with a friend who wanted a little discretion and still did not want to settle for a mediocracy while dining.

So we went to this restaurant and surprise we got a table since we had no reservations but were lucky,since the place was not packed for the evening.We started off with Green Tea,Bottled Water and a glass of Rose Crement Sparkling Wine of course.

We were happy to have a discreet table in the back since we really wanted our privacy and the seating is great since the dining room is spacious.

After we settled in, we ordered. I chose the Sea Bass with sauteed vegetables that included Tomatoes and Green Asparagus with a portion of Polenta and my date Lamb with Vegetables and whipped potatoes our meals good , well prepared a modern clean optic without being fussy .Previous to our main courses we received a basket of bread with olive oil and a small surprise from the kitchen which was a mini salad with roasted baby corn .This pleasant surprise prepared us on a positive note for what was to come . The service was attentive and friendly.

Our Meals well seasoned and prepared.With E.T.A. Hoffmann’s low key and down to earth atmosphere one here does not have to deny ones self a relaxed atmosphere and with fine dining.

Desert well of course we decided to go for it and chose the apple Crumble with ice cream and a Cheesecake sauce yes sinful but also a pleasant surprise a good ending for an evening.We left with a reminder that there are some really nice places to dine in Berlin without the fuss!!!

The prices are a little expensive with a dinner costing roughly 60 euro per person but the evening my friends was worth it.I must admit we only had the main courses still I think it was totally fair.

Love Sean


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