<!--:en-->Paris Bar !!!A Berlin Institution revisited<!--:-->

Paris Bar !!!A Berlin Institution revisited

This place is truly an institution and since I had not been there for some time I decided to pay them a visit in Berlin’s west district of Charlottenburg!,to dine with friends before New Years Eve!!!!Well the problem with an institution like this it usually never meets one’s expectations.The evening here was as expected a little glamorous with pretty young things yuppies and upscale tourists which is ok!!!The waiters were ok a little uptight but then again it’s Paris Bar!!!We had a nice table and ordered a Bottle of Red wine,With Sparkling Water.

For my evening I ordered a Green Salad with Fish Filet which was a good in taste but the salad was already wilted due to the very thick sauce which I was a little disappointed about.I decided on the bouillabaisse as my main course which is always one of my french Favorites !!!this dish was also nothing to rave home about!!!the seasoning was a little bland .I felt that such a true french staple should have been better.My friends had a Steak meal with green beans and fries which were ok butt don’t really make a meal do they???Overall it’s a nice place to be seen but don’t expect superb dining or then gain you may get lucky!!!

I was invited so my meal was cheap on this evening but be aware the prices are high so expect for two to spend any where from 80 euro to god knows what since the wines can be quite pricy!!!

what can I say about Paris Bar??Well !!!! been there done that!!!!

Love Sean

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