<!--:en-->“Good Time” the Indo Thai restaurant in Berlin’s Mitte for a tasty quick bite!!!<!--:-->

“Good Time” the Indo Thai restaurant in Berlin’s Mitte for a tasty quick bite!!!

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Oh yes I had a nice evening at “Good Time” an Indo-Thai restaurant located in the very modern sophisticated corner of Berlin Mitte !!!!I was invited by a friend for an evening of drinks and laughs!!!The place Darkly lit with a many large round tables!! that was we know is conducive to good chatter and a well loved table setting in Asia!!!

We all showed up on time where we were greeted to our table in a friendly manner, I must say the service was friendly not fabulous but friendly enough for me not to have any attitude.

So we all ordered drinks. I ordered a Hugo which is a cocktail which includes white sparkling wine and a light clear syrup from Elder berries!!!!The drink was nice and light and helped me to ease into the evening !!!!We were chatting and laughing up a great deal .

When the service came again and we decided to choose our meals for the night.Since the menu is pretty diverse I was a little taken aback but In did find something that caught my eye “vegetarian egg rolls” Lumpia Sayur which I decided on as an appetizer and for my main dish Tofu with sauteed vegetables!!!and Rice .My Vegetarian Rolls were a delight tender and fresh and still had a natural touch.Friends naturally one can have bad luck since Tofu can be poorly

prepared weirdly enough I enjoyed the very Lightly sauteed and well seasoned tofu which were quite succulent and tasty, however the sauteed vegetables were a little too bland for my taste even though the meal was well executed I was not loving my meal.I decided to order another drink a Cremant oh thank goodness and just enjoyed the evening with my friends here !!!!!Good Time is a non attitude restaurant pretty good service and my food was fresh ,possibly I should have ordered another dish since my friends all loved their meals!!!!

A quick bite with friends and few worries then “Good Time” is a Good Choice for that low key fun loving evening!!!!

The evening for myself was not too inexpensive I paid 38 Euro the whole evening was it worth it??

Yeah but it was not cheap but still I felt that the price was not unfair.

p.s. It’s easy to find since the restaurant is right by the metro station Hausvogteiplatz. I think this place is good when your with a group and are not sure of where to go!!!!reservations are suggested when more than four people.

Enjoy Love Sean

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