<!--:en-->Orange!!!!The color continues!!!!to be the Power color of the Season!!!!!!<!--:-->

Orange!!!!The color continues!!!!to be the Power color of the Season!!!!!!

There are colors that you love and others that you think oh!!!well yeah!!! but then again there are colors that one says it’s a must have for the Season !!!! and therefore you have to get on board !!!! I think this season it’s Orange the great thing about the tone is that you can combine it with various tones that can be Brown, Camel Green tones and Of course Black and Gray!!!! However I also love it when you combine Red with Orange talk about being daring!!!!!I think an orange accessory can do the trick in a minute when one is not sure of what to wear and wants a little pizazz !!!! it’s really great and still classic when combined with Black !!!
A dash of color goes a long way!!!!
Some of the designers who got it right were Kenzo who does some really simplistic orange pieces as dresses and as knitwear and Sandro-Paris
for their eclectic and simplistic clutch
and the Floral Shoes from Jil Sander
talk about colorful shoes to lift up your spirits in the Fall and Winter Months and of course a favorite is a supple leather bag from Chloe which really says it all on our main page simple and still gives a chic statement !!!

Love Sean

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