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“ Ø “ The Scandinavian Culinary Delight in Berlin’s Kreuzberg

“ Ø “ oe Berlinthe Restaurant in Berlin‘s Kreuzberg district!!!! I must admit I was a little curios since they had taken over a long established Kaiserstein cafe and then I became really intrigued to see what they were going to do with this relative old space, since I heard they specialized in the Scandinavian cuisine and were doing things a little different!!!well this they are doing!!!
First the décor I can only describe as fun eclectic !!a mix of various furniture from diverse decades from the 20th century and this created a very vintage but comfy look and atmosphere,which made me feel very at home. This is all due to the fact that I love a place that mixes things up a bit!!!!!!So finally seated we relaxed ourselves in the slightly dark lit back room and ordered ourselves a Beer and for Me what else a sparkling white wine!!! which was fairly priced and really good !!!!! we were then given some fresh bread with butter which helped us to really relax and enjoy the mix of people!!!
!!!!We checked the Menu out which was eclectic in itself!! with both Fish,and.Meat dishes with some interesting salad combinations!!So I started off with a hearty chicken soup and that was not only an interesting choice but I must tell you!!! do you remember those Homemade soups that really were not only good but comforting? well that’s what the soup was like it was amazing fresh vegetables, simplistic but so well made that I was in heaven already !!!! initially the service was a little aloof but !!!weird enough they became a little relaxed and the service became friendlier oh well thats Berlin!!!
My date had a green salad with a delicious dressing that was slightly sweet and really had us think hey this is a place that one could visit often!! we then had our main courses mine was the Fish Fried with roasted potatoes and a cucumber salad that was Creamy a little heavy but still had a very delightful
The main course was good Fish and Potatoes!!! the Fried Fish was delicate and the crust was delicate and not in least heavy. I concluded that Fish and Chips Scandinavian style is a good option!!!My dates Steak was good lean and well done !!!!. the service at the end was really friendly and we enjoyed it here. I will return !!!
This cool relaxed restaurant is not only for dinner but breakfast and lunch as well!!!!!!the prices were medium in price range it’s not inexpensive, but really for the quality it was fine we had two courses and each two drinks!!!and this for a little over 60 Euro my date and I had a nice evening so it was worth the trip to “ Ø “ oe Berlin this new Berlin restaurant!!!!

Love Sean

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