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Nuovo Mario!!!Italian Cuisine at it’s Best!!!

There are those friends you just adore and who are spoiled like myself when it comes to dining !!!therefore it was great for me that my friends decided to go out to a Italian Restaurant called NuovoMario- Berlin in the very chic street of the Fasanenstrasse inBerlin‘s Charlottenburg the old west to be exact!!!!
Well my friends had mentioned that they had heard the food at this place was really good!!! I must say I was in for a surprise because the cuisine was exquisite!!!!to say the less!!!
The place was crowded and a tad loud but then again it was saturday evening at 8:30 what should one expect ,especially when one hears that the place is not only good but then so centrally located as well!!!So we started off with Bottled water and a glass of bubbly Prosecco with Aperol!!!! which was quite fab so I ordered a second my friends decided on an Bottle of Sauvignon, which later also accompanied our main courses!!!!It was hard to decide on since there was so much on the menu that sounded so delicious that one did not know where to start!!!!!however we all decided on a Fresh Ravioli dish with Funghi Mushrooms!!This dish as a starter was incredible so delicate and still perfectly al dente!!!the Funghi creamed sauce that accompanied the Ravioli was a little heavy but still true Perfection that we were all completely floored by the wonderful starter!!!!This made up for the slightly arrogant and distant service!!! I guess they can be that way since they are pretty fierce in the kitchen!!!!and thats why people come so I guess they figure the food does the talking!!!!

We were chatting up a storm and later we decided to go for our main courses I decided on the salmon in a delicate sauce that had a slight citron taste !!!!!the fish was quite awesome, delicate and truly fine and the sauce slightly heavy still was the best accompaniment for such a delicately steamed Salmon filet!!!!!We were all floored by our meals!!!truly the food was absolutely
one of those major surprises and as a side order was Fresh vegetables that Hello!!!was also good fresh the spinach slightly seasoned with garlic without being too intense,the carrots ,and potatoes just perfect simplistic but still well executed!!!well friends the true surprise are the prices which were really up there !!!!the place was not cheap however the food was worth it!!!!the service is another thing but hey thats how it is in Berlin!!!! when you get good service thank your lucky stars still NuovoMario-Berlin was a culinary experience that I truly want to have again !!!I guess I wont be able to avoid the service!!!!but still the food makes up for it ten fold!!!!
p.s. We paid roughly 150.00 Euro for a table of three true the place is not cheap but for the Good White wine Sauvignon,Proseeccco,water and the two courses!!!! the meal I feel was worth every penny!!!Enjoy!!!!!
I will return!!

Love Sean

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