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Let’s do Cocktails and Sushi @ Mikoto

A girlfriend called and we decided to meet for a quick drink in Berlin’s Bergmannstrasse in Kreuzberg.We   entered Mikoto this restaurant specializes in cocktails. So my  friends Sean had a Cosmopolitan.We decided on a Sushi with cucumber and avocado with a crunchy toasted  layer.

The Sushi here was good my drinks were really good since some cannot make a good cocktail I was delighted.

The service initially was a little slow not very attentive which had me a little annoyed but the place is an intimate place  which is good when you want a quick bite, your privacy and the sushi does speak for itself ,the interior is not the best but then again the sushi does make up for any flaws. Bon Apetit!!

P.S. Mikoto has two other addresses so one can check the other locations in Berlin.

Love Sean

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