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The “Euthanasia”Memorial at the Berlin Philarmonic!

Today was a day of rememberance of  victims during the Nazi era in Germany. The opening today was of a small but impressive and moving memorial to honor the victims that were killed through various methods which was called “Euthansia”.These  poor helpless victims  were murdred  due to thier mental,or physical disabilities. They were killed and eliminated which initially  was done to small children,babies however later included young adults.This tradgic period in history brings to  light what   transpired to  individuals who were not seen as acceptable and fit to the Nazi regime.They were killed, this horrific and truly dark period  is a part of history that should not be forgotten .Eventhough the history is tradgic i was moved and touched   that today we are remembering those silenced victims with this monument built by the Architect Ulrike Wilms.We give those innocent victims a voice.

This Monument is located by the Berlin Philarmonic in Berlin’s Mitte district. Berlin offers one so much history of the past  and this is one  part  of history that should not be forgotten.

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