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Hot!!!!Jeans !!! The Versatility of Denim

Denim!!!! Denim is so versatile today that you really cant say Denim is this or that because denim is multifaceted!!!I was thinking about denim in menswear and saw a few pieces from Lee
and Nudie jeans
and even brands such as Scotch – Soda
and realized that they have succeeded in broadening the denim theme in various directions of course we have seen the preppy look we have seen the gigolo sexy Italian style and we have seen the James Dean rebel theme and still denim has so many faces that you think ok!there is more that one can do !!!!!

I Love the whole theme of Jeans with suspenders and jeans with knitwear whether elegant or rustic ,Denim is in various colors so of course you have the blue tones but white ,beige and gray tones as well as red are to be seen in denim. Therefore denim has taken a turn and what seems like cotton is often denim in new variations for example in Denim Blazers which I think are the ultimate fab!!!option right now it always seems so right!!!! in that denim always gives a relaxed touch that one can really be inspired about!! it is fashion but never pretentious!!!it is just modern ,urban looks that still have a smooth touch!!!!!!Denim has it always!!!!

Love Sean

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