<!--:en-->“Kunstgewerbe Museum”A Strong Fashion exhibition that inspires<!--:-->

“Kunstgewerbe Museum”A Strong Fashion exhibition that inspires

Berlin has so much to offer when it comes to the Arts.The day not being that warm i decided to take a stop to the Kunstgewerbe Museum.The museum located adjacent to the Berlin Philarmonic Concert Hall, is quite central and not far from Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz.The permanent Clothing  collection ,was a true revelation.The collection offers one an indepth view of clothing from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

With the highlight of the collection showing pieces from designers that include Chanel,Yves Saint Laurent and Fortuny to name just a few.Here one see how designers from a previous time have inspired   many designers of today.  The exhibition is for those wanting a strong and indepth view of fashion and a look at pieces from Designers that are not always easily to be seen .With designers such as Paco Rabanne, and Holywood’s  Costume Designer Adrian the exhibition offered a few surprises that brought a smile to my face.The exhibition was a pleasant surprise and a must see for any individual interested  in fashion and desire to learn more about the  history of fashion.

Love Sean