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A Nice Surprise Lunch @ Joseph Roth Diele

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It’s weird because I have wanted to go to this place for ages and never went.When I decided to do lunch with a friend I decided to finally visit this place, since Joseph Roth Diele has been in Berlin forever and institutions such as this must be preserved and supported.Many are familiar with the writers work this is a restaurant that pays homage to this literary artist that also includes books from the artist on display and literally on sale as well. Located in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district literally a few minutes away from Potsdamer Platz the “Joseph Roth Diele” was my place of choice that afternoon .On this crisp fall afternoon I went inside to this establishment,which took me literally back in time with its early 20th century décor.

We got a table fairly quickly and were given our menus which I was happy about since I was famished.We decided on traditional German fanfare I on a Spaetzle which is a traditional southern German dish of noodles with cheese and a salad.My date had a serving of sliced boiled eggs in a mustard sauce with potatoes ,yes these dishes sound very simple and are simplistic in their ingredients but the meals themselves were not only good and filling, but gives one another range of the Eclectic German Cuisine that one may not be familiar with.The dishes were well prepared and filling which I thought was a good option when wanting to dine with friends in a non fussy but nice atmosphere.The Salad side orders I thought were a little too simplistic and bland for my taste however,Joseph Roth is a restaurant with a truly fun mix of tourists,Berliners,and intellectual types which make the restaurant quite original and with the friendly

staff makes no surprise that people come back again to this place.I liked my food, granted no big high end cuisine, however a nice restaurant where you will get a good meal,at a fair price and the atmosphere is so old school Berlin and with the books from this renowned author and the geist of Joeph Roth all around you it’s no surprise that this place has staying power.Eat ,Drink and Enjoy @ Joseph Roth Diele



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