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Discovering a nice cafe to relax! Alpensteuckle in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf

A friend wanted to meet for a quick chat and decided to meet in the very nice and upscale part of Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Kurfuerstendamm boulevard.My pal suggested the Alpenstueckle which i was not familiar with but that i enjoyed immensely why??first the place has a really cute decor with a very sweet and discreet service and the freshly baked goodies and good cafe,and tea all make for a place to meet a friend have breakfast or lunch and catch up on things in a nice environment.

I enjoyed the fact that if you need to purchase a little gift they have a few books on cooking,little jars of jam and also freshly produced Noodles and “Knodel” my favorite German dumplings, on the premises.The cafe offers a little something extra and that makes it a place with charm for me.

Oh Yes and they have some really good dishes for lunch I had a small Mushroom soup with some fresh bread and enjoyed my small light dish. Alpenstueckle is a delightful option when wanting to lunch with friends and you want a little divine discretion.

Love Sean

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