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No Fuss Sushi for the People @ Aki Tatsu

I wanted a quick bite and this place even though often full,i decided I had to finally try it out, since the Sushi I figured had to be good! If its always full right?!Well I was lucky on this hot early evening with my girls .

I decided today was Aki Tatsu on the menu!! Located on the very popular street of the Bergmannstrasse in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district.

The restaurant has a slightly shabby decorum however I was not going to let that stop us.

Sushi I must admit is one of my favorite meals, so where ever I go I am always in search of an authentic sushi restaurant that serves some good Ngiri and California Rolls.

On this quite warm early evening in Berlin ,We chose this hot spot, sadly all the outside tables were full, so reluctantly we went inside sat at the bar and after being recognized finally, since granted the place was packed we received our Menus, I must admit I was a little annoyed at the slow service .

I must admit I am always amazed when the waiters are stressed and they treat their customers like crap!!Yes I must admit I was not amused,but then again we were in such high spirits I ignored the aloof service. We ordered our Sushi and California Rolls.The Sushi was fresh ,and quite thank goodness good.

The service was quite quick yipee!!which I must admit was good since on that evening I was quite famished.The atmosphere is typical Berlin Kreuzberg the Funky hip district in Berlin.The restaurant is quite eclectic with a very mixed crowd of both young and old ,hip and casual.Here you will find a mixed and easy going crowd.The sushi is good and the prices though not cheap were acceptable for two large plates of sushi and drinks I paid approximately 25 Euro,and with a happy faces we left.Is it a nice but not pretty place to eat!The Sushi was good and fresh, it’s not fancy place but then again Sushi is their business and as long as they do that well they will continue to have a long line!!

Love Sean

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