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“Thalassa”A Boheme Oasis for Greek Dining with a Funky Vibe!!!!

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A little bit of the Greek friendliness and bigheartedness never hurt,so the other evening a very dear girlfriend and a group of friends decided to go for dinner in Kreuzberg they swore Thalassa was a divine and darling little place to dine ,so I decided well if they said so I must follow!

I showed up a little late that evening ! at 10:00 PM to be exact but the staff still welcoming and friendly took me to my table where I had my friends waiting and immediately showed me what they had on the menu for the evening and I must say it was not like the standard Menu one expects but something quite creative Calamari Salad,Salmon ,small mixed anti Pasti Plates ,sounds intriguing ?Well I must admit I was quite delighted.The décor full of Flowers and a combination of Blue and a Clear white walls had me feeling like yes I was in Greece !!possibly in a little hipster hideout in Mykonos!!!


So after having settled in I had the warm pastries filled with Goat Cheese, Bruschetta with Tomatoes marinated to perfection ,and vvvvvv. The combination and the start of my culinary evening was quite heavenly,so after the appetizer, I decided to have the Salmon which was served with roasted potatoes and a mixed salad classic yes but delicious the Salmon was tender and the light sweetened cream sauce made the dish good and still light, nothing here was too much or too heavy which is not always easy.They have a nice wine list even though on this evening I did not have wine my friends did and all agreed how good the wines are that the restaurant offers and since I was with a pretty demanding crowd I knew that the wine list had to be good.The service well” what can I say” quite divine, friendly and did I mention Thalassa is family run restaurant which makes you feel more like an old friend than a customer,which I think had me a little overwhelmed ,but then again had me smiling since I knew I will return.The prices are Moderate I paid roughly 26 euro for my meal without wine .I think this is one of my favorite restaurants in Berlin it’s original ,food is good,service warm what more could one want?and that in Berlin

P.S. At the end I was ready to go home but they suggested i try the chocolate cake on the menu,and yes it was all of that and then some.Moist with a slightly hard topping.The desert just another awesome treat at Thalassa.


Love Sean

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