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Football public viewing the new singles bar!

I must admit that I have never been into what we call in the United States Soccer, but here in Germany they call it Football! for some reason I have caught a little football fever myself.
I decided to go with a few friends to Florians Garden Florians Garten which is located in Berlins trendy and multi ethnic neighborhood Kreuzberg this place is run by the owners Gerti Hoffmann and Uta Gilow from one of my favorite Berlin restaurants in Berlin.While sitting watching the game at my table I was introduced to a woman and unknown to me it was the well known German actress Katja Riemann . She turned out to my surprise to be an active football fan or was it just a great place to meet guys because she said after being introduced and I quote “I have to put on my makeup” yes she did! hello!!!! Are we here for the Football team or the men in the Beer Garden talk about star allure?
Cheering the boys on from The German Soccer team at the World Cup in South Africa is no doubt a very worthwhile cause.Personally speaking though this football fever thing is not really my cup of tee. I realized though that women showing up with full make up, looking casual chic,sometimes sexy, of course some get it completely wrong,I find it a little odd. Later I realized they are not always fans but hey you can meet some hot straight guys this way.I call it the new singles bar . I think if ladies can get into it , this definitely can unite a couple. I have seen how passionate men are about their football and so folks lets go out and support the German team later this week they play against Uruguay !
What can happen possibly happen? well for the guys you may get lucky for the night and girls you may find Mr.Right.


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