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Berlin Six Senses Makeover -The Themes

The Berlin Looks : when we conceived our Berlin looks we had in mind a young woman who has just moved to the city and explores the different neighborhoods. We combined some basic pieces of the last s. Oliver collection with unique vintage pieces from Check Point and designer shoes from Barbara’s favourite shoe store Orlando at the Hakeshe Markt and here you are with the Berlin Six Senses styles.
The themes are based on various neighborhoods from Berlin.
The Looks are Hildes Night out! an Homage to Hildegard Knef ,Prenzl’Princess, and Neu Koelln Chic,
The looks are based on neighborhood’s in Berlin that have their own characteristics.
Prenzl Princess named after the Prenzlauergerg upscale woman,and the NeuKoelln Chic that is inspired by the multi-ethnic scene.
Our main theme is Based on the German actress who also was big in the 60s on Broadway in NY.

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