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Dining with originality at Lavanderia Vecchia in Berlin!!!!!

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I had been trying to get a table at this restaurant for some time!!!!and was always told sorry we are booked out!!! so this time I decided to make a reservation weeks in advance and keep the Appointment!!!regardless the restaurant Lavenderia Vecchia located in Berlin‘s very multi culti!!! district of Neu Koelln !!! The restaurant I was told about through from a friend and so I knew I had to go!!!The restaurant serves only one round since the evening serves roughly 12 courses therefore reservations are essential however you will be in for some culinary fun and a long evening!!!Therefore knowing all this we showed up on time since the dinner starts at 8:30 so one must be on time!!!! The first thing I was captured by was the very spacious and warm surroundings!!! well friends we started with drinks which included Prosecco and the Vino Rosso della Sabrina which was quite good and helped us to get in the mood for fun dining !!!!
so with the Red wine and some absolute fabulous Warm Baked Bread had us already anticipating a good evening of culinary surprises!!!so after the bread we started off with a wonderful green watercress salad with carpaccio and then we continued on with some of my favorite dishes such as spicy lentil,
a Pasta Risotto with mushrooms,a Ricotta Tomato with Red Beet Salad that I must say was good ,simplistic but nevertheless quite unique!!!and a mix of Bruschetta with Tomatoes,Foeis Gras ,and Avocado Scampi Salad!!!! after that Ravioli filled with Rabbit and finally a Ossobucco which my girlfriends stated was extremely divine and tender!!! The various courses that we had were quite good and I must say the relaxed atmosphere made it all so much fun!!!!The atmosphere had one in constant expectation of something new to eat and that was a great deal of fun!!!I must say the relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a friendly service made the evening so enjoyable and that’s one of the things about dining today it should be more than a culinary experience but one for for the eyes and heart as well!!!!
after the main course we had our Crema Catalena which was weirdly enough good but not the best !!!!but was good I must say after all of the pretty awesome other dishes I was a little disappointed since I love Desert!!!!!but in the end we ended up after desert drinking at the bar espresso and a limoncello
and just relaxing and chatting away!!!! The evening was a pleasure and the whole menu where one gorges for an evening of a culinary experience I think is great and for roughly 50 Euro per person you can not beat the experience!!!!!I enjoyed this place ,the atmosphere and the space it was eclectic creative and so Lavenderia Vecchia I have to say is a must in Berlin yes reservations are hard to come by but when you can!!! here is a must for fun and good dining in Lavenderia Vecchia!!!!!

Please remember Reservations are a must!!!!!
but you wont regret it!!!

Love Sean

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