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Chantal’s House of Shame !for the unique party goers!

Going out in Berlin can always be a great deal of fun and dramatic at times. As I like to party, even though I to try to control my alcohol intake .I decided with a few friends two nights to go out to a club in some say chic others say overrated district of Berlin ‘Mitte’.

We were off to Chantal’s House of Shame! Well children the name tells you that something is up but what?First you have to get there pretty late so its not for the weak ! Since the best time is after 1 A.M.
I got my self together went with a taxi since I love taxi’s being a New York guy .I must say that the music was pretty good the House mix with very good vibe beats really intoxicated me as soon as I walked in the door and there she/he was giving orders to her staff and giving attitude but in a good way, very drag! Chantal who is truly known in the scene as a hell raiser and a truly fabulous Woman !

This evening she was sporting her Cowboy trash look that I must say had me fashion inspired think Broke Back mountain meets Dolly Parton. It is like a crazy cocktail and at Chantal’s thats what it is a truly crazy but fun party!I got there and met a few people most I did not know but I am communicative it’s generally a place where all meet Boys, Girls, Gay,Gay Friendly,Confused,and Straight people go to party, drink and meet not Mr.Right but Mr.Right Now!Well I had my Sparkling white wine on the rocks danced and partied myself in to a frenzy and yes I went home alone even though I was offered a threesome!!!! that’s Berlin for you on a working Thursday night! Maybe another time at Chantal’s I may say yes!

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