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I guess it is always good to take time to Sit and Wonder!!!!! it gives you time to reflect!!!!!! that’s why when I was in Brooklyn last month I was amazed at this new funky cafe in !!!Prospect Heights just a stones throw away from theBrooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway called Sit and Wonder.

I found this really cute cafe !!!! where one can get some really good scones and friends I am a big fan of Scones ,so I guess they had me really intrigued!!!! the place was served by a really cool and warm and welcoming waiter who explained that the place had opened roughly 1 year a ago and was just a nice Cafe to relax have some breakfast or lunch check your e mails ,surf and just have time to sit and wonder. At that moment I thought this is great since in NYCnew york city .

When and where does one have time to do such things I mean most are hustling and bustling all the time!

Well I had a really good cheese scone normally I am a traditionalist in my scones but I do like to experiment therefore I tried the Cheese scone which was damn tasty indeed and with Caffe Latte I had made the short visit worth the stop!!!

This place is great when in Brooklyn for a brief stop and this is how you get to know NYC and Brooklyn which is changing by the minute every day!!!!!!!!be inspired when in Brooklyn at Sit and Wonder .
!!!!!!!Chill out time in Brooklyn,NY!!!!

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