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The great part about my Fashion Career is that I get to travel to many exciting places. As a little boy growing up in NY and in Jamaica I could never have imagined that I would ever travel so much ! and you know what I love it. I have been very lucky! Thats how I met my dearest friends , Partner and my Blog Pal the Fabulous Grandezza Barbara.I was fortunate to work for companies that gave me the opportunity to travel to my Home NYC and yes for free !!!!! even though I had to work hard doing fashion research on the US market in NY this time spent in NY was for me like feeding my creative soul. The energy the people Black ,White ,Asian, Latino, Indian absolute gorgeous individuals. I lived many years in Brooklyn so for me I have seen the transformation of the this borough. There are quite a few fabulous people coming from Brooklyn and they include the Barbara Streisand,Lena Horne,Spike Lee,Jackie Robinson,Lauren Bacall,Barbara Stanwyck ,Jerry Seinfeld and Jay-Z this just lets you know Brooklyn NY always created a very eclectic group!!!!! Therefore even though we are Bloggers from Berlin, I thought Brooklyn should be written about, because Brooklyn is evolving into a fabulous new part of the NYC mosaic.This borough was always important , but now all see the potential of going over the Fabulous Brooklyn Bridge, which by the way was built by the German Architect John A.Roebling .The thing I love about the bridge is that it has one of the most spectacular views of any city and I have seen a few! you feel the energy and regardless by day or night the views are spectacular. It is always so inspiring whether I am running over the bridge or walking with friends I love the feeling it gives me its truly inspiring.

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