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I was driving with my brother one day and as he knows me so well, he told me about a store in Brooklyn located downtown at 150 Nevins street called store I must say really excited me since it was a unique and laid back store with a fashion message that combines urban sportswear and with high end appeal. What is a guy like me to do? but go inside and investigate,it turns out the pieces are very easy to combine and have a collegiate authentic flair that somehow works so well. The prices are not very inexpensive, however I feel the store is so original and has a very laid back and friendly attitude that I was truly happy to give out my money and for clothing I will admit I spend quite a bit! What can I say I was born with a passion for clothing and a passion for places that not only have good design,and service but have a theme around the clothing so that you feel like you are in their world, which is what you actually are when you enter into this very urban sexy,masculine mens fashion shop. Therefore I say Barney’s, Scoop, and Jeffrey’s and many other retailers are truly good ,however this place is definitely worth a skip to Brooklyn and maybe you will find yourself a good coffee shop as well for your afternoon Cafe latte!Viva Brooklyn Check out their Blog too! Www. Love Sean

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