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Biosphare Potsdam

Temperatures around 25 degrees all year round, short but frequent lightning storms water, earth and air in the right proportions, ensure the survival of a piece of tropical jungle a few kilometers from Berlin.
The Biosphäre Potsdam, the big house in the tropics built in 2001 at the Bundesgartenschau (national exhibition of gardens and architecture) hosts in its interiors more than 20,000 tropical plants and 350 species of animals, including iguanas, snakes, pheasants, geckos, butterflies. Unlike the classic botanical garden, the biosphere offers to its visitors the rare and unique opportunity of a full immersion in the natural environment of the jungle. Exhibitions and educational tours raise awareness about the importance of rainforests. The Biosphäre Potsdam with its many attractions – the butterfly house, the underwater world, coffee Tropencamp, the restaurant Luncheon, and the Orangerie-Hall is also open to host events of all kinds, including our last photo shooting. You can see it in the Close-up magazine KIT n.4!

Model Julian Oswald (agency:Megamodel Berlin) was wearing a windbreak jacket with tropical flowers by Y3 for the cover look and a bunch of cool styles put together by Sean from the Close-up S/S apparel collection and photographed by Christian Del Monte.

Long live Biodiversity!

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