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The Long Skirt!!!!For the Fashion Forward???

I love the long skirt it is so right now!!!!recently Barbara and I did our first Photo shooting for Galeries lafayette the French Department store in Berlin.During that time I was looking around for looks and I came upon!!! a look that I just adored!!! The long dress!!! Yes I know it can look very outdated!!! but when worn correctly it is a truly progressive look.
The fabulous thing is that I saw this silhouette in Organa,Chiffon,Polyester,Cotton and in Linen and the look depending on the fabric changes greatly!!!!Well I decided to take the day out and see who is doing this look!!! and I found Boom !!!! a few doing it sooooo right!!!
Berlinwhether in Mitte ,Charlottenburg,or even in Friedrichshain the look is really so awesome!!!

The interesting thing is that one can wear this look in various ways either very sophisticated,or casual worn with long sweaters or with oversized sweatshirts and accessorized with flats make this look a great option but I also would recommend espadrilles with a heel if one does not like flats this really makes the look pretty fun ,feminine and for the moment very modern.
The look can also be worn elegant sportive with a narrow twinset and bold jewelry.Accessories play an important role in this look.It was amazing to find pieces for every girls budget I saw a wonderful long
option at American apparel for both day and possibly evening.then H and M did a wonderful white option that I thought was easy and really price friendly,my ultimate favorite was from the company Sandro in Pleats this version really is why I fell in love with the long skirt in the first place.and of course for the high end consumer Jil Sander does some very colorful long dresses,So one has the option!!!

So now I am searching to see who will be wearing this look for Spring. I met one young fashionista in Schoeneberg on the street and I took a photo she is my look of the day!!!!! Girl you were fabulous!!!!!

Love Sean

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