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Spirit of love massage

Vadim ayurveda…When Aloha meets Namaste…

There is nothing as healing, rejuvenating and pleasurable as a great massage: I mean, one that sends you to the outer space, and when you come back, a couple of hours later, you feel like a newborn baby.

What it takes, apart from the well-known features, like a sound anatomy knowledge, hands that are both loving and expert, plenty of oil, the right aromatherapy fragrances, the right music, the right temperature and lighting conditions, is a certain je ne sais pas quoi, a flowing energy that connects the one who gives and the one who receives the massage with the ONE above. And that is precisely what makes the difference.

Combining mystical and healing elements from the Ayurveda and the Hawaiian tradition, the Berlin-based singer and therapist Violetta Moana Gouren has created her own special rituals and techniques:  Hawaiian Body Flow Öl Massage®, Ayurveda Body Flow Öl Massage® , Tempelmassage® and Touch of Passion ®, an initiation ceremony expecially dedicated to women. Wether in small group sessions, with your partner, with your best friend, or alone you will enjoy great benefits from this ultimate massage exeperience.

Steal a day from life and go for a spirit of love massage !


by Barbara Basile

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