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Save Venice Gala in Berlin!!!!!At the Italian Embassy

A while back Barbara and I got the opportunity to get an invite to the Berlin Italian Embassy to help support The Save Venice campaign which was this year being spearheaded by Tilda SwindonTilda swindon!!!!oh my god!!!!!

Yes the actress and iconic muse!!!!! so we went and put on our best fabulous duds and went to this very elegant evening the building built by the German Architect Friedrich Hetzel which was built between 1938 and 1942 what is so incredible is that the interior of the building is constrained but still retains a modern and classic elegance.
We got to the main private quarters of the house and course were flabbergasted at the mere beauty of the art work and the decorations for the evenings event flowers and candlelights it was all so delightful !

I must say this is how I like an evening Glamorous!!!!!!!!!Well there of course were so many people who flew in from around the world to attend the event!!!!! so the place was truly international and still all for a great cause the evening was Sponsored by the company Ferrari Spumante and Vhernier the jewelers par excellence from!!!!!!!! Italy
Barbara is not of a jewelry woman but I am a jewelry guy !!!!The pieces all in Rubies, Emeralds, Ebony ,Diamonds,and Gold all sparkling delightfully. The thing is that with some of these pieces any modern ,or urban fashionista could parade the streets and not feel outdated ,it’s always about how we mix things today!@!!!

Since I was working I took a few pictures because the ladies looked gorgeous and I just had too!!!!after being filled with the bubbly from Ferrari Barbara and I headed off to the Bar at Berlin/Hotel de Rome I must say my cocktail was not great but we had our drinks and relaxed ourselves in their very sexy lobby after another glamorous but exhausting evening!!!!! I wish the project much success since as we know Venice is so worth saving!!!!!!!it is like Vhernier a precious jewel but Venice and it is worth saving!!!!!!! Love Sean

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