<!--:en-->Saturday Partying at the new “Schwuz” the Gay Dance Club !!!<!--:-->

Saturday Partying at the new “Schwuz” the Gay Dance Club !!!

I wanted top go out dancing so friends recommended we go off to Neu Koelln district in Berlin.

Which has had a true transformation in the last years as a hot and trendy district.
In the past the neighborhood was not often spoken about in a positive sense ,so of course now that one of Berlin’s most important Gay dance clubs moved I knew i had to go at some point so last week was sean’s night to sizzle!!! We entered the location which was back in the day a brewery now turned into the new gay haven for boys and girls to have a good time.
We arrived at 12:00 Midnight true not late fopr Berlin but the club was already starting to pump.

The location is HUGE so I investigated the three dance floors with diverse music so wone will find music that pleases the ears.The boys pretty hot and a good mix of Young and Old which gave the atmosphere a feeling of community!!!We danced ,flirted,and children i got a little tipsy but i actually had a good time.Is it worth it oh yes it is!!!Schwuz is back with a new image a new look but offers the same old good groove.

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