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Mucho Gusto!!!at Maria Bonita Good Mexican Cuisine in Berlin’s Prenzlauerberg

Oh Yeah on a budget and want a good meal that I call tasty!!!and boy how tasty it was!!!

I was in Berlin’s Prenzlauerberg and stopped by Maria Bonita. This restaurant was my choice for a quick bite.The restaurant had two folks working behind the counter they were a staff that were both relaxed and chilled !!!Well since I was hungry and did not have much money, I decided to check out this place and as always at times like these I ended up in a place that made me smile and where my taste buds were totally satisfied !!!1Mexican Cuisine Cheap and Tasty to the Bone!!!That’s how I would describe my lunch at Maria Bonita!!!I was able to sit at the window do a little bit of people watching and enjoy my Spicy and delicious Burritto !!!which included Chicken,Beans in a spicy Tomato sauce it was not only delicious but was great comfort food for me.!!!So I was able to eat and have a glass of Water for 5 Euro .I must admit I was totally smitten with this place I had a quick bite

and a funky quirky atmosphere this is a fun alternative for Lunch as well!!!!Muy Bien at Maria Bonita

Love Sean

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