<!--:en-->Lets go “Chi Chu”Easy going Vietnam Cuisine in Berlin’s Kreuzberg<!--:-->

Lets go “Chi Chu”Easy going Vietnam Cuisine in Berlin’s Kreuzberg

Let’s Go Chi Chu Vietnamese Street Food !!!!that was the recommendation the other night one of my Glam friends and I decided to dine for the evening something a little simpler than the usual Glam eateries in Berlin!!!

We headed off to the heart of Kreuzberg .The neighborhood is a little gritty and raw but still so authentic and bohemian Berlin. We went Chi Chu which is a small venue that turned to be a nice surprise and perfect setting for a no fuss dining.The staff is friendly and easy going with a clientele that includes people from the neighborhood and a sprinkle of international guests made this simple but nice restaurant the perfect setting for a no fuss evening and as my girlfriend stated !!!the prices are so incredible!!.

On this evening we splurged. I had my usual Prosecco and my gal pal ordered GreenTea !!Boring but she is on a health kick at present.

We relaxed and chatted and finally decided on the Vegetable Spring Rolls as a starter and then for my main course Duck with Rice and Sauteed Cabbage my Gal Pal had a Mixed salad with asian cabbage,coriander ,carrots and nuts which was refreshing and a good option.

The service was friendly, attentive and the atmosphere simple but it was a nice evening!!!I liked the simplicity of the place and the food was fresh and quite good so here is a good option when you have a small budget, but want something tasty in Berlin.

Our bill was astonishing under 35 euro and we ate quite a bit!!!when you need an asian cuisine kick check out Chi Chu!!!Love Sean

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