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Metropol Hostel in Berlin ,The Budget Fashionistas place to sleep!!!!!!!

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I had the other evening an idea what does a Fashionista like myself who has little money stay when in Berlin!!!!!Well I decided to stay the other night at the Metropol Hostel Berlin in Berlin in the diverse and young neighborhood of Kreuzberg. The hotel is so easy to find it is crazy centrally located not far from the main Streets in this district of the Bergmannstrasse where you find shops, cafes, restaurants and bars!!!
seconds away from the metro Mehringdamm station, so one can never get lost!!!how fabulous!!!

Well I arrived early evenings check in is generally in the afternoon!!! I went into the elevator to the third floor where they are located and was friendly greeted in a good and nonchalant way hey its for the young and hip I was sent off to my room which was an 8 bed room yes children 8 beds I was sharing but hey !!!!!I am up for many things!!!I got my digital card for the room which makes your room pretty safe since you only have access to the room with the computerized Card

I went into my room and met a girl from Warsaw,Poland who was a true backpacker open friendly named Maria I felt comfortable and I loved the room!!!Later I met another Guy from South Korea
who was truly cool and in Europe traveling for 1 month.The room Bunk Beds with a toilet It was nice and clean, this reminded me of being in a college dorm however with the hip factor!!!! young, hip urban and sort of trendy this I loved!@@!!!!!later I headed off to the lounge area where with your laptop you receive free Wireless Lan. there in the lounge granted not really chic!! but clean and relaxed where all types from Asia,Latin America ,the US all on their laptops or sitting on the hotel supplied computers, here you felt not only like you were in Berlin but seeing all the folks on their computers you felt like you were a part of a international internet community!!!!!!Well after sitting at the bar which offers sandwiches they were not very appetizing but hey you cannot have it all!!!

The bar was empty so I had no one to talk to but that being said communication is pretty cool and easy in this place!!!! so its easy to meet others.That’s a part about being young !!! I later went off to bed after having a Turkish sandwich downstairs at Mustafa Gemuese Kebab Berlin
a small sandwich Turkish takeout establishment!!!!
Later I decided to go to bed I was tired after a late night at the Gay Bar Rauschgold Berlin saw a funny drag show drinks,cigarettes,and tons of crazy drag queens but it was fun.
I got to bed and slept well my roomies two guys from the States argued about not getting lucky that night at some bar!!! which I thought was delightfully funny!!!!!I woke up refreshed the beds are really clean and relatively comfortable so overall the night was good!!! Then I went for their free breakfast for a young fashionista with no money its great since you get something to eat it is not the ritz but good and filling.

Here I met all types and all ages which was great the atmosphere was friendly and warm just folks who are in Berlin enjoying what the city has to offer!!! I went to check my e mails again the the lounge area and met up with two folks who were from Australia and they agreed the place was cool!!!!and that they were enjoying their time!!! Berlin is a young city so vibrant and funky.If your off to Berlin and have little cash and need somewhere to stay safe,clean and nice then the Metropol Hostel Berlin!!!

you can rely on!!! have fun!!! in this fabulous crazy city of Berlin!!!

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