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High Denim Drama at Diesel

I attended the is A fashion trade show here in Berlin,The interesting thing about this trade show which was founded by Karl Heinz Mueller in Cologne and later moved to Berlin .This fair he has helped Berlin’s Fashion scene find their way on the International Fashion Market. I applaud anyone who is professional ,creative and still is able to retain that urban cool.
One of the shows that I attended Fashion Week was, as we know Diesel is always reinventing themselves which keeps people interested and always wondering what’s next.
Well what’s next was interesting dark ,washed,and bleached denim that could be worn in the evening which I personally loved.

I call it the High Denim Drama.I must admit I love shoes so please take a look at my shoe picks!true I like High Heels,so you will often see shoes that have a heel,sexy with tons of attitude.Yes ladies your allowed to be sexy!!!!RRRRRRRRRRR!!!!Here are some of my picks!

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