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No fuss Lunching or Dining @Amici Amici

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We were hungry one evening and since it was getting late we decided to stop by yet, another Italian restaurant in Berlin’s Kreuzberg.This venue is one of those places that one can go to any time of the day for a quick bite be it lunch or dinner and are assured of a nice meal at a fair price.

The Menu offers the classics Pizza,Focaccia and Pasta .However on this evening I discovered something a little different and decided to try my luck with an Octopus Salad which was lightly seasoned with hints of Lemon Olive Oil and seasoning it was a nice start .I decided later on Mussels in a Tomato sauce which actually was perfect since I was not sure of what to get lightly seasoned with white wine and herbs was a nice treat for such a simple evening out.My pal ordered the Classic Spaghetti Vongole .We were served by a waitress who was not only friendly but was willing to chatter with us for a while ,which is something I adore.At the end of a simple dining evening ,we were offered a drink on the house ,so you can imagine I could not say no!We had a Punte Mes and a Limoncello. So the evening was simple but yet quite nice..Amici Amici has the traditional red and white vichy table cloths and a nice and easy going atmosphere .When you want a meal and a friendly atmosphere “Amici Amici is a good bet and it’s a place one can dine alone which can be tricky at times even in Berlin.

Love Sean

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