<!--:en-->“Sfizio” A Little Italian Restaurant with a modern edge.<!--:-->

“Sfizio” A Little Italian Restaurant with a modern edge.

In Berlin there are many nice restaurants with good food and a simple but tasteful decor. Friends what I truly adore is when you have a place where one feels comfortable and still the atmosphere is slightly upscale.Located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district we have “Lo Sfizio “ in the Yorckstrasse to be exact offers nice Italian wines with a few classical Italian dishes and still offers their clientele original Italian culinary surprises.We came late here and were still waited upon with a smile “thank goodness” so we entered took our tables and my dear friend Gene and I decided to dine with friends who already had eaten .However my pal decided on rabbit with vegetables the dish. He described his dish as good delicate in taste and well seasoned .I had with the rest of the table a plate of assorted cheeses Pecorino,Gorgonzola,Mild Goat cheese with grapes and slices of pears and some good bread served with some really good and aromatic olive oil .I think if one wants to nibble on something that is not too heavy in the evening and wants a nice glass of Bordolino wine then a small dish of various cheeses is perfect and a good bet.The service was friendly and attentive.The atmosphere perfect to end a good evening.

Dolce Cucina @ Lo Sfizio Bar Centrale it’s nice and eloquent without being pretentious!!

Love Sean

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