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The colorful Art Work of “Sister Corita”at Circle Culture Gallery

Boy Berlin can be so inspirational.Last night I attended an art opening with work from the artist Sister Corita Kent(1918-1986) .A true original ,this   catholic nun who later left the church, however continued to keep her social and spiritual beliefs in humanity.This artist who was influenced from  various segments of that era spanning from the political movement taking place in the 60s, to the musical scene from artists such as the Beatles , and quotations from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke.

This all influenced her work which included   texts,color,and bold graphics one definitely sees in  her work influences from that period  and from artists from that period such Lichtenstein and Warhol who come immediately   to mind.The gallery presents not only her works but also a video of her work and life that inspired and surrounded her work.

The gallery is worth a visit go be inspired and learn about a unique artist with a creative spiritual edge.For those who are interested in her work their is a book that can be purchased at the gallery.

Love Sean

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