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“City” rocks the Tempodrom Concert Hall!! in Berlin

Music Sounds from Berlin‘s future and past!!!!!The weekend started with a bang!!!when I came to Germany I was not familiar with the music scene so between hearing and adoring people like German musicians such as Mariane Rosenberg, Hildegard Knef and Modern Talking!!!! I went to a concert from a rock group from the former East Germany called City-Internet well friday evening I had the opportunity to experience these slighlty aged rockersa at thier craft still beloved till this day they put a show on at Berlin‘s Tempeldrom concert hall after such an amazing evening of some Fine East German Rock after presenting some of thgier old hits such as the song “At the Window” and presenting new pieces from their new album I realized rock and roll is truly so international!!!!!!a shout out to City-Internet to a cool performance!!!

Love Sean

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