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Urban Lolita _ The new fashion icon ? Part 2

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The Fashion story Lolita continues the femme fatale has grown and matured into a sophisticated woman!!!!!!
She has experienced the world and now wants to show the world the new woman!!!!!

This is done with the Fabulous pieces from
Fornarina a Sensual Chiffon blouse in Red, with one of the hottest Blazers of the season for me from
Drykorn, and this is accessorized with a vintage belt and an adorable knit Brooch from
,as well as a top from Boss Orange in a vibrant Electric Blue and this was combined with flawless leather pants from
Patrizia Pepe that add a sophisticated and still very sexy urban edge.this ensemble worn with vintage pearls found at one of our vintage shops in Berlin Rose of Fame in Schoeneberg and the fleamarket 17 Juni
17 junihelped the look it became the urban duchess totally grand darling!!! and still possessed an urban edge.

I talk about the waistline a great deal this season with the blazer we accessorized with a vintage belt and the leather jeans with a vintage scarf used as a belt !!!!!! I loved these looks since it becomes so individualistic in optic!!!! So i say Girls go out and be Daring!!!! remember good girls go to heaven but bad girls have all the fun!!!!!!!Love Sean and Barbara

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