<!--:en-->Berlin’s Chapeaux!!!!Baby it’s cold outside lets do hats!!!<!--:-->

Berlin’s Chapeaux!!!!Baby it’s cold outside lets do hats!!!

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It’s getting cold out doors in Berlin so a nice fancy hat would do the trick to keep me warm and give a fashionista a little panache.I met the owner of this shop weirdly enough in the Hamptons in New York and was amazed when she told me that she had a hat shop !! since I truly adore hats.I think they help a look and give an individual a twist think of Queen Elizabeth in her hats!!could one imagine her without!!!or think of someone like Grace Jones. I mean these ladies can really wear a hat!!!I love hats and I recall as a kid how on sundays the ladies did not go to church without one!!!That’s one of my dearest my memories of the hat. One can never go without one in the Fall Winter season!!Wear some fabulous headwear and the great thing I love here is that she dares to make interesting pieces for men as well!!!! crown yourself with a Chapeaux Hat !!!!!

The prices are varied so you will find something in your budget.

P.S. Sahe has a few other accessories so take a peak in this shop!!

Love Sean

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