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The Sweatshirt’s new modern edge!!!

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Sweat shirts and the material itself has been around forever .They are a part of our every day life,so it comes as no surprise that at some point designers would start designing both the traditional shirts,  jackets and dresses in this fabric,the unique thing about this material is that it’s easy to care for . One can integrate this fabric into many parts of ones wardrobe and for the guys it seems that this fabric has become an integral part of thier wardrobe.Today you see the fabric being used in menswear in both jackets,trousers and tops with many of the designs in colorful prints to give the look a witty and urban edge.I have seen guys wearing this in a formal setting ,combined with bow ties and of course the narrow jean or the slim elegant trouser.The modern edge of the sweat fabric is a must in any ones wardrobe.

P.S.When wearing these sweat optics if you care go with a little color or with graphics which gives you a true fun edge or if youy prefer the clean optic then a black sweat top is always in style.Be you be original.


Love Sean