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Berlin Designer “Raphael Hauber”A Unique Talent

The Designer Raphael Hauber!!!!This is one of those young designers to watch out for from Berlin I love the printed shirts that also come in as shorts and shawls that one could use for men as a sarong !!!
The cuts are modern and still have a rigid linear line.
The interesting thing for this line is that the designer has found ghis direction which is very individualistic !!!the line is for women and men and the lone you can find in a few shops ionBerlin and abroad its great to see these young designers fromBerlin get their chance!!!of course all will not make it but I love the fact that these young talented designers try!!!!
I cant wait to see what he does during Berlin Fashion Week!!!!
His pieces can be found at Temporary Showroom which gives the fashion savvy a place to discover Berlin’s unique Talent

Love Sean

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