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Bagel Oasis in Berlin!

Often I think about the interesting people and places in Berlin and I feel very lucky and fortunate that I am able to experience them all.Recently after Barbara and I were on the road shopping we came upon a small bagel shop Salomon Bagels on the Joachimsthalerstrasse 13,10719 Berlin open Mon-Fri. 9:00 a.m.-21:00 p.m. and Sat. from 10 A.M-18:00 P.M.
This bagel shop is just a few meters away from the very busy shopping mile Kurfuerstendamm. Since I am always on a diet and Barbara is always hungry, god ! at times I think we are a pair of nuts she wants to eat and I want to remain on my crazy diet. Nevertheless Barbara needed a small bite and we landed at the Bagel Shop Salomon Bagels in the Joachimsthalerstrasse, the shop is small but inviting it is nothing spectacular but it is a quiet haven from the very chaotic and busy

The decor is a very vibrant green with dark chairs and tables which I liked and even though small still held it’s own charm and was inviting.

The bagels vary from natural bagels to whole wheat,poppy seed bagels,to other variations and to my surprise thank goodness, they produce their own bagels!which made me even more intrigued.
The menu is small but that is fine they offer soups,Various Bagel combinations,Salads,and beverages so you definitely will find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Finally relaxed in the shop we ordered drinks a Cafe Latte for me of course and bottled water for Barbara ,we proceeded with a Cous Cous salad for myself and Barbara decided to try out of course ! what else? the house Bagels.Friends to my delighted surprise the Cous Cous salad was really good it had a very delicate taste which I loved and I am honestly till this day I remember how good it was! that says a great deal.

Barbara had her bagels with cream cheese which is also produced by the shop themselves,with some smoked salmon and green salad. She too was delighted with her choice so were were eager to talk about this place. The atmosphere was friendly it is a comfort zone for people who I believe prefer the understated which is great about Berlin.Live and let live! That is the cities motto.

Barbara really enjoyed her first Bagel she ordered a second to take away.
We left the shop,thinking we really liked the place it was nice,quiet, and most importantly the food was good and the service was pleasant even though it was our first time there, they treated you like a regular. Friends when in Berlin and your looking for a nice spot to have a quick bite go ahead and enjoy this small spot in Charlottenburg where the prices are reasonable we spent 12 Euros and left satisfied and well fed,so head for Salomon Bagels for a little bit of Bagel Comfort!

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