<!--:en-->“Animal Prints” add a little pizazz to your wardrobe!!<!--:-->

“Animal Prints” add a little pizazz to your wardrobe!!

I have been a fan of Animal Prints ever since I saw it on the runways from Yves Saint Laurent.

The master knew how to make Animal prints specifically leopard prints which is a must have for many.

While in the shops this past weeks I have noticed every designer has their version.

What i came to realize is that the Animal print does not have to be worn all over.You can use little details to spruce up an outfit.

This can be done in Handbags and Shoes as Seen at Jimmy Choo,and Ferragamo.

With the print being seen in designers collections such as Moschino,and Diane Von Furstenberg in   neutral colors such as Black,Gray and White  which takes away some of the hard edge of this print.

However for those who dont mind a total leopard look ,one can find young streetwear labels doing thier version of a classic print as seen by the young girl in her skater leopard print in the pictures,the look   was hip and  still had a relaxed easy going vibe,which I loved.

Whatever you do in the coming weeks try a little bit of Animal Prints mix it with Denim or Leather .  The print does not have to be in a trouser, it can be found in a coat or skirt and for those who dont trust themselves with a total look  animal print accessories will still give one that jungle feeling.

Love Sean

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