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A Berlin’s Guy Weekend outside Berlin “Zur Bleiche Spa and Resort”!!!in Spreewald

We decided to take a train ride outside of Berlin to this Hotel has been a place that Berliner’s run to when they want to escape!!!!for a little rest and relaxation.
I was told the place was pretty nice!!well here is my view!!!We went and were greeted from a friendly front staff!!!that i enjoyed our car was taken and parked and our bags were taken care of that made me happy to be spoiled immediately .The restaurant was beautiful and relaxing even though the service was not the best I felt like i was intruding and that was the first time after my first hour where i was a little ticked off.We enjoyed the outside swimming pool and had a relaxing lunch which was fairly a discreet atmosphere which i really needed.We went for a swim and since i am a runner I decided to find a path to run the following morning.Our meals were inclusive in our weekend rate. We had an early dinner in the Winter garden dining room which was good not perfect but nice I especially loved the fresh Salad Bar which is great on a warm evening.I think just the relaxing and quiet atmosphere made up for anything that was not perfect.Went off to bed slept well.I was jubilant that i would be able to run in the forest located close by had a wonderful 6 mile run.Returned to the hotel and had a wonderful relaxing breakfast which they offered an amazing buffet. All in all the place is nice not perfect but the atmosphere and the location are quite divine our room was nice however the bathroom was quite small and I must admit I love my space.I liked the place even though not cheap roughly 350.00 for the night but it was a nice romantic day spent with a dear friend.

Love Sean

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