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Be Fashion Savvy !The Vest Reinterpreted!!!!

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We always say what goes around comes around!and that is how it is with fashion.Therefore since we are having a Hippy Revival it came as no surprise that at some point the vest both short and elongated  would return.The  look both hippy ,urban and very Retro.The Look is easiest combined with Jeans or  Long Flowing Skirts for a casual bohemian optic.

Interestingly enough what I have noticed is that to achieve a modern edge with the vest one should combine the pieces with lightweight flowing blouses and tops in fabrics such as chiffon and silk.

The other good option for the younger fashionista is combining the vests with shorts or  mini skirts in lightweight fabrics.This particular combination leans towards a very soft but quirky edge.

Generally these vests  are to be found in various fabrics ,they include Jersey,Knitwear,with Leather and Suede great for Short Versions and in Flowing Fabrics in Silk or Silk like which then offer a softer touch to the vest trend.

For the more rugged version you will find the vest in denim or heavy cotton fabrics which offer the vest an outdoor country touch.Which takes away a great deal of the feminine touch for those who like the look a little more rough around the edges.

The vest can be combined in many directions,I think having one presently in the wardrobe gives one the chance to experiment and create a totally new optic and with all brands having thier version one must not break their budget.

Love Sean

Love Sean

Love Sean