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Trend shopping for men in Berlin at H&M

Well a good friend decided to take me up on my offer and asked if I could help her cousin who just finished College and was in Berlin the poor thing had no clothing at the moment and was looking to revamp his wardrobe Weee!!! of course I said yes!!me being someone who always likes a challenge!!A young Man with a small budget wants to update his wardrobe!!! well I asked myself?? how would I start!!! so we were off to H M in Berlin Mitte and I later suggested some vintage second hand shops to help him define his own look !!!
Here is what we came up with the color “Coral” seems like its a great alternative also in Menswear for this season and mixed with various tones such as gray and blue tones it all seems to work quite well!!!
Of course the cuts were quite narrow !!!but they still work even though we know in Menswear the silhouette is moving towards a wider cut in the coming months!!I loved the way he looked H M has always some great Bargains one must only take time and look between the racks albeit it’ takes some work but Oh!!!! quite worth it !!and thing is in Berlin style is about being unique and individual for as little as possible therefore H M is always !!! Good!!!

Love Sean

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